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It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts, we announce the cancellation of the 15th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care.



Cancellation Announcement of the 15th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care










- Thursday, June 3, 2021 | Claudio Martin MD 

Dear colleagues,

Following the decision earlier this year to host the 15th World Congress as a virtual-only event, the host organizations have now completed a further comprehensive review of all the parameters that are necessary to deliver a viable World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care in 2021. The Canadian Critical Care Society, Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and the World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care announce with deep sadness and heavy hearts that the event planned for September 11-15, 2021 has been cancelled.

We have not made this decision lightly but given the outcome of our viability review, all the indicators show it is right. In deciding to cancel we attach great weight to the continuing uncertainty of the global pandemic, the challenges of attracting sponsorship for a virtual congress and the commitment and focus of colleagues to continue delivering care in their local institutions.

The WFICC Council has taken responsibility for identifying and evaluating the options for future World Congresses and when this review has been completed, a further announcement will be made.

Please send any inquiries to

We are all very sorry to write in such disappointing terms but we look forward to regaining some positive momentum and to delivering future World Congresses which are outstanding in scope and content.


Dr. Claudio Martin | CHAIR
London Health Sciences Centre and Western University
Professor, Department of Medicine
Attending Physician, Critical Care
     Janice Zimmerman, MD, MCCM, MACP
President, World Federation of
Intensive & Critical Care


15th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Opts for Virtual Format

- Wednesday, February 17, 2021 | Claudio Martin MD 

For several years, as we gradually ramped up our planning for the 15th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care, we were most excited about welcoming our colleagues from around the globe to Vancouver, Canada. It is such an exciting, vibrant and beautiful location and would be the perfect backdrop to share knowledge about Caring Intensively.

Now, just 8 months away, the ongoing global coronavirus crises and uncertainty related to vaccine distribution and travel have convinced us that a virtual congress is the only prudent way to proceed. We examined various scenarios and postponed the difficult decision as long as possible.

Our abstract submission portal opened late last year, and we encourage you to submit your work. Soon, we will update our preliminary program on the website. Despite the change in format, our themes will remain the same. The main program will occur as planned from Sept 11 to 15, as previously advertised through our “Save The Date” messages. What you can expect to change is that selected content will likely be available both before and after these dates.

Our planning and scientific committees remain committed and excited to deliver a superb program with innovative and engaging formats together with internationally acclaimed speakers. A core value of the program is that every session will demonstrate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness.

Registration details and fees will be announced soon and will support participation by all disciplines and income levels.

We still hope to welcome you to Canada as a visitor in the future when travel becomes possible!
Dr. Claudio Martin | CHAIR
London Health Sciences Centre and Western University
Professor, Department of Medicine
Attending Physician, Critical Care
     Janice Zimmerman, MD, MCCM, MACP
President, World Federation of
Intensive & Critical Care


- Wednesday August 12, 2020 | Claudio Martin MD 

Here we are, about midway between the amazing World Congress in Melbourne and the upcoming Vancouver event, and it is hard to not recognize how eventful the times have been. Australia weathered one of the worst fire seasons ever, with terrible destruction of lands and animal habitats. Ontario, Canada`s most populous province, just recorded the hottest July on record, while British Columbia experienced both temperature extremes to start and then finish the month. Fortunately, the fire season in BC has been mild. As we continue to plan for 15th World Congress in 2021, we know that September has reliably great weather. We do hope to greet many of you in person. With that in mind, this is a brief update our the developing program.
As we continue to plan for 15th World Congress in 2021, we intend to have both in-person and virtual components to allow participation regardless of your location and any ongoing travel restrictions. Each day will be filled with a presentations using various formats, anchored by plenary sessions. Tracks will be variations on our theme of Caring Intensively and all disciplines will be integrated into the program. Speakers will be invited based on merit, equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.Of course, abstracts will be a key part of the Congress; look for abstract submissions to open early in 2021. 
Details will become more clear and be available over the next few months. In the meantime, double check that you have blocked off Sept 11-15, 2021 for the 15th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care! And spread the word ;)
Dr. Claudio Martin | CHAIR
London Health Sciences Centre and Western University
Professor, Department of Medicine
Attending Physician, Critical Care

Vancouver 2021: you really don't wanna miss this. 

- Wednesday March 11, 2020 | Peter G Brindley MD FRCPC FRCP Edin FRCP Lond

Ladies and gentlemen – drums roll please- the World Critical Care Congress will be hosted in the glorious city of Vancouver, Canada from September 11th-15th, 2021. To put it mildly we are giddy with excitement about welcoming the world. However, we get it: Life is hectic and travel can be tedious so we plan to work hard for your valuable time and finite dollar. In the meantime, might I suggest- with all Canadian Politeness- that you take a giant sharpie pen and circle the dates, STAT. Actually, let me go further and suggest that you circle the entire month of September, and make 2021 the year where you put aside some time to refresh, re-inspire and recommit.With so many critical care conferences around the world how do you choose which to attend? While I can definitely say one reason to include the Vancouver 2021 World Critical Care Congress on your list of “must attend” meetings would be the wonderful scenery, I hope to convince you to come for the learning as well.

On behalf of your humble organizing committee, I am very confident that you’ll love our corner of the world and our conference’s unique combination of inspiring science, meaningful connection and unabashed fun. Come for the science, but stay for the dialogue and camaraderie and rejuvenation. This event is going to be a stonker, and there really is no place like (our) home.

With all due deference to other conferences, we plan to do things a bit different, and a bit better. After all, conferences are only as good as the effort put in. As a result, we are committed to talks are engaging, practical, bilateral, multidisciplinary, and from the broadest range of talented speakers. We want you going home with a grin on your face and a spark in your brain. This means delivering on a faculty that is diverse by gender, race, background but also by opinion. It also means the first two days will contain numerous practical pre-courses as well as public engagement. I truly want to hear from you if you think there’s a topic that deserves the world stage that this meeting offers. Feel free to email either me ( if there is a topic you want included. You have my word that I will take it forward for you: Dragon’s Den style.

We are also committed to discussing Critical Care around the world- not just in our comparatively pampered and privileged backyard. We are going to address poverty and the climate crisis and equity because these issues matter mightily, and have so far been underserved. We will engage nurses and prehospital staff and get them up on the podium as the full partners that they clearly are. We want all voices; in fact we need them. We don’t want another stodgy conference or an echo chamber. We intend to deliver goods and that means listening to you, a paying customer and valued colleague.

Canada has shown that it can truly deliver on the world stage. Whether we’re talking about hosting the Olympics or the Woman’s FIFA World Cup or any number of summits and conferences, we get the job done, but still find time to smile and have fun. We already host World Class conferences such as the Canadian Critical Care Conference (in lovely nearby Whistler: perhaps you’ve heard of it) and the Canadian Critical Care Forum (in Toronto, often referred to as the world’s most multicultural city). We may be known for salmon and mounties but we also spawned the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group and many of the world’s leading studies and researchers. This country is safe, clean, open, and above all welcoming, and we see this as a unique selling point. Heck, for once, the kids might even be excited to come along too.

We can’t do this without your voices but nor would we want to. It’s gonna be great, but if you’re there, it’s gonna be greater still. Much like this lovely part of the world, I sincerely believe that it’ll be a breath of fresh air and just the get-away that you need and deserve. I look forward to welcoming you, but especially to hearing your voice in September 2021. I’ll now return you to your busy day, but do grab that sharpie first. 

Thank you/merci, Peter

Peter G Brindley MD FRCPC FRCP Edin FRCP Lond
Professor of Critical Care Medicine,
Adjunct Professor, Dosseter Ethics Centre
Adjunct Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Attending Physician, Intensive Care Medicine
University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton


Looking forward to a new year and a new decade: 

- Monday January 13, 2020 | Alison Fox-Robichaud, MD, MSc, FRCPC Co-Chair

The past decade has seen an exponential increase in our understanding of the management of the critically ill. What will the next decade bring? What knowledge and skills will our community require to support our patients? How can we effectively deliver this new information to meet the needs of critical care practitioners?

With so many critical care conferences around the world how do you choose which to attend? While I can definitely say one reason to include the Vancouver 2021 World Critical Care Congress on your list of “must attend” meetings would be the wonderful scenery, I hope to convince you to come for the learning as well.

My co-chair Sarah Crowe and I have been thinking about a new twist on a critical care conference. We will still have cutting edge science presented by outstanding speakers within our community.  But we will also provide opportunities for hands-on learning, time for reflective practice and interactions with international leaders. We will build on the inclusive and diverse culture meeting standard set in Melbourne. We will listen to the patients, their families and their stories to understand the impact of the care we provide.

Over the next few months members of the scientific planning committee will be seeking your ideas and thoughts about topics and learning strategies for our next global critical care meeting.  We want to hear and learn from all corners of the world and provide you with an experience to remember!

Alison Fox-Robichaud, MD, MSc, FRCPC Co-Chair 
Professor of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada 
Intensivist & Director of Medical Education, Hamilton Health Sciences 


Nurses: Join us in Vancouver 2021 for the World Critical Care Congress 

- Tuesday December 10, 2019 | Sarah Crowe, MN, PMD-NP(F), CNCC(C)

The world critical care congress is set to take place in picturesque Vancouver in 2021. Join us for an amazing interdisciplinary line up to help broaden your perspective and enhance your knowledge. The planning committee is hard at work to ensure you have the best possible experience with a wide variety of speakers from around the world utilizing innovative learning strategies.

Top 5 Reasons for You to Join Us:




  1. Enhance your knowledge – make sure your practice is up-to-date with all the leading evidence. Come hear from experts from around the world to hear what is new and upcoming in critical care nursing. Three full days of continuous learning credits to fulfill your certification and licensing requirements.
  2. Broaden your perspective – hear what your colleagues are facing from around the globe, learn something new and perhaps change the way you view your practice. Come and be inspired!
  3. Focus on the interdisciplinary team – learn what other disciplines are focusing on and how it might impact the care of our patients.
  4. Network – an opportunity to share resources and ideas, while connecting with other like minded professionals from the international community.
  5. Visit beautiful Vancouver – there’s something for everyone in this seaside city. September is a beautiful time of year to the visit western Canada, whether you enjoy amazing shopping and food, or the great outdoors. Take the opportunity to walk the Stanley Park seawall, visit Van Dusen gardens, shop at Granville Island, or if you’re more adventurous there’s plenty of hiking and biking in Whistler only a short 2 hour drive away.

Sarah Crowe, MN, PMD-NP(F), CNCC(C) 
Nurse Practitioner Critical Care, Surrey Memorial Hospital 
Director, Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses 
Adjunct Professor, UBC School of Nursing