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Looking forward to a new year and a new decade: 

- Monday January 13, 2020 

The past decade has seen an exponential increase in our understanding of the management of the critically ill. What will the next decade bring? What knowledge and skills will our community require to support our patients? How can we effectively deliver this new information to meet the needs of critical care practitioners?

With so many critical care conferences around the world how do you choose which to attend? While I can definitely say one reason to include the Vancouver 2021 World Critical Care Congress on your list of “must attend” meetings would be the wonderful scenery, I hope to convince you to come for the learning as well.

My co-chair Sarah Crowe and I have been thinking about a new twist on a critical care conference. We will still have cutting edge science presented by outstanding speakers within our community.  But we will also provide opportunities for hands-on learning, time for reflective practice and interactions with international leaders. We will build on the inclusive and diverse culture meeting standard set in Melbourne. We will listen to the patients, their families and their stories to understand the impact of the care we provide.

Over the next few months members of the scientific planning committee will be seeking your ideas and thoughts about topics and learning strategies for our next global critical care meeting.  We want to hear and learn from all corners of the world and provide you with an experience to remember!

Alison Fox-Robichaud, MD, MSc, FRCPC Co-Chair 
Professor of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada 
Intensivist & Director of Medical Education, Hamilton Health Sciences 




Nurses: Join us in Vancouver 2021 for the World Critical Care Congress 

- Tuesday December 10, 2019 

The world critical care congress is set to take place in picturesque Vancouver in 2021. Join us for an amazing interdisciplinary line up to help broaden your perspective and enhance your knowledge. The planning committee is hard at work to ensure you have the best possible experience with a wide variety of speakers from around the world utilizing innovative learning strategies.

Top 5 Reasons for You to Join Us:

  1. Enhance your knowledge – make sure your practice is up-to-date with all the leading evidence. Come hear from experts from around the world to hear what is new and upcoming in critical care nursing. Three full days of continuous learning credits to fulfill your certification and licensing requirements.
  2. Broaden your perspective – hear what your colleagues are facing from around the globe, learn something new and perhaps change the way you view your practice. Come and be inspired!
  3. Focus on the interdisciplinary team – learn what other disciplines are focusing on and how it might impact the care of our patients.
  4. Network – an opportunity to share resources and ideas, while connecting with other like minded professionals from the international community.
  5. Visit beautiful Vancouver – there’s something for everyone in this seaside city. September is a beautiful time of year to the visit western Canada, whether you enjoy amazing shopping and food, or the great outdoors. Take the opportunity to walk the Stanley Park seawall, visit Van Dusen gardens, shop at Granville Island, or if you’re more adventurous there’s plenty of hiking and biking in Whistler only a short 2 hour drive away.

Sarah Crowe, MN, PMD-NP(F), CNCC(C) 
Nurse Practitioner Critical Care, Surrey Memorial Hospital 
Director, Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses 
Adjunct Professor, UBC School of Nursing